Friday, 27 July 2007

Why is it???

Today I was working on a new necklace design with some amazing Fire Agate beads (the same ones pictured in the 'Farnham Bead & Gem Show' post). I completed the main body of the necklace and then all it needed to finish it, was some chain.

My question is this...WHY IS IT that:-

a) the thing I need (in this case, chain) is always the thing I have run out of and forgot to restock?!?!


b) when I go on-line to order said item, I can not just purchase the item I originally set out to buy but I somehow manage to find another 20 or so other things that I think I need and spend over triple what I intended to?!?!?!?

Who knows why we do what we do sometimes?!?!?!?

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Nice bracelet, shame about my back!!!

Well I awoke this morning at 6 a.m. and could not get back to sleep!! Not sure if it is because I feel light and breezy due to no longer having the stresses of looking for a job or because I had lots of new jewellery designs in my head!!!
By 6.30 a.m. I was at my jewellery table raring to go!! After 2 hours of twisting wire and such like, I have finally finished my first ever charm bracelet...and my back hurts like hell from bending over it!!!

I have used some gorgeous purple, blue and green striped David Christensen hand-blown furnace glass, Sterling Silver, Karen Hill Tribe Silver (97% pure silver) and Swarovski Crystals. I love the colour combination and the feel of this bracelet!

What do you think?

I also made this pendant using a stunning and realistic looking lampwork Strawberry bead!! I wanted to keep this very simple because the focus is on the Strawberry. Doesn't it remind you of summer time and Wimbledon...all we need is some cream!!

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Good news!!

I have received two lots of good news today, the first is that I have been offered a job and start on 13th August which is exactly 2 months from when I was made redundant and the second piece of good news is that I have got a space on the Silversmithing course I wanted and start in September for 16 weeks (every Monday evening). Am very excited about both!!
Started to make a bracelet today using some of my David Christensen glass beads however I somehow incorrectly calculated how many I needed and do not have enough!!! I have therefore decided to try my hand at my first charm bracelet...hopefully it will be finished tomorrow and I will post a pic here!!

Sunday, 22 July 2007

Farnham Bead & Gem Show

Got up nice and early today and went to the Bead & Gem show in Farnham, Surrey with Becky from Chameleon Designs. It wasn't the biggest bead show I have been to but we had a great time and spent lots of pennies on lots of gorgeous beadies!!!

My shopping list included:-

Top left - lovely sterling silver wire balls, discs and a silk necklace
Top right - gorgeous fire agate and banded agate
Bottom left - some amazing lampwork from Becky including some strawberries I commissioned, a set with a hallow focal.
Bottom right - stunning hand-blown furnace glass from world renowned artist David Christensen

After the show, Becky was also kind enough to show me how to make a lampwork bead. I was so scared in case I broke something or worse, burnt her studio down!!! It is so much harder than she makes it look! I was concentrating so hard because you are working with a flame and molten glass (is that the right phrase?!?!?) AND have to use 2 hands which are doing different things...after just 15 minutes my arms felt like I had been lifting weights for an hour!!!!

What do you think of my first ever bead...not bad but think I need more practice!!!!!

Friday, 20 July 2007

And God said 'Let there be rain'

Wow, did the heavens open today or what? I was supposed to be meeting some friends for lunch however every way I turned, there was a flood and I could not get through!!! I have 3 railway arches near me and each one was flooded...1 had a grounded van and a car and another had an MG convertible being washed against the posts. The water almost covered the whole car but luckily no one was hurt...except for their poor cars!!

I was inspired by the weather and made 2 new pieces of jewellery, Purple Rain (also because I am going to see Prince in a couple of weeks and I am soooo excited!) and waves!!!

Purple Rain
This piece is made using a main focal by the fantastic UK Artist Caroline Hannon, Rock Quartz, Swarovski Crystals and Sterling Silver.

This piece is with Blue Chalcedony, Clear Quartz and a gorgeous sweet little Sterling Silver seashell charm

My first ever blog

I am a bit behind with the times...I am sure blogs are so 2006 but hey, at least I have one now...hmm, I wonder who will ever look at this thing?!?!?

So, who am I? My name is Kelly Boulter (was Kelly Sweetman before I got married!) and I love designing and creating jewellery. My favourite materials to use are Sterling Silver, Karen Hill Tribe Silver (am in love with the designs), semi-precious gemstones and finally lampwork beads.

I am 30 (just!) and live in Sunny Sutton in Surrey but I am originally from Putney, London.

I am a little unsure what to exactly put on this so if I start rambling on, sorry!!!