Saturday, 15 September 2007

Yippee, it's Saturday!!!

I love Saturday's, it is my favourite day of the week!! Normally I have a lovely lie in however not this morning, the house across the road is having some building work done to it and they decided to put the scaffolding up at 8 a.m.!!!!!!!!!! Oh well, at least it makes the day seem a little bit longer...but believe me, I was not saying that this morning!!

Here are some pieces that I did last week but only managed to photograph them today. Photographing and getting them on the website is the worst job!!! I also seem to be getting worse at photography instead of better. I thought I would try some pieces on a slate background again to see if I could get them to look any better than my attempts on white but alas, it is not to be!!!! Answers on the back of a postcard!!!!
The first necklace is made with David Christensen hand-blown furnace glass, the second one is with Rock Crystal and the third is Rock Crystal, Lampwork beads by Becky Fairclough and Swarovski Crystals.

Sunday, 9 September 2007

Suddenly Sunday :o(

Ok, so I think I must have blinked on Friday night and by the time my eyes opened, it was Sunday evening...why God must you punish us with 2 days off a week, surely with all the talk of work life balance, we should have half the week off and half the week at work?!?!?!?!?
Anyway, was promised I have posted some of my new pieces...this is what I have been up to over the last month!! WARNING, IMAGE HEAVY!!!!!!!!!

Think I am all charm bracelet outed now!!!!!

This is made with a beautiful hollow lampwork bead by Becky of Chameleon Designs, the picture really doesn't do the beads justice. The other beads are faceted rock crystal and frosted rock crystal (and are not grey like they look in the picture!!!)

I love this necklace, it is on a 24" chain so it hangs just right...I really want to keep it but have to be strong...the bead is by Becky of Chameleon Designs.

I think this is a great colour combo, ready for the festive season which is only 100 and something days away!!!! Spoke to my Mum yesterday who informed me that she went and bought some Christmas presents...hmmm, think she has too much time on her hands!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have never really been very good at wire wrapping beads with holes at the top but I am quite happy how these turned out!!

Sunday, 2 September 2007

I'm back...and I have been tagged!!!

Wow, I can't believe it has been nearly a month since I posted on here!!!! The time has flown by...soon it will be Christmas, yippee!!!!

Well, what has been happening in the last month...well, I started a new job, exhibited at 'Arts in the Garden' at Ham House (bank holiday Sunday and Monday), made some new pieces (will post pics later) and have a new nephew, Oscar who is just too cute for words!!!!

I have also been tagged by Caroline - Crafted Gems and Butterfly Beadwear. I have to think of six weird things about me and then tag another 6 people!!!

Ok, here we go:-

1. I love running silk through my fingers. It all stemmed from have a blanket with silk edging when I was a baby and would scream whenever it was taken away from me!!! This progressed through the years and I have been through several silk robes....I love the belt the best!!! The last one was thrown out only last year by my hubby cos I kept complaining of pains in my thumbs from doing it!! I miss it dearly, esp when drinking a cup of tea and can't walk through M&S without having a feel of the silk robes...yes, I know I am pretty sad!!!!!

2. Probably quite a common thing but I am so scared of dying!! The thought of it makes me cry and feel really low!! I think it is even worse that I have never had someone close to me die *am touching wood as I type*!!!

3. I have this weird thing about making sure I have closed the windows, turned off the iron and shut the front door when I go out!!!! I don't think it is OCD but it really gets to me. At night, if my hubby says he has closed all the windows, I still have to go around and check them!!!

4. I absolutely hate clutter and mess with a passion however I am very lazy when it comes to cleaning and putting things away!!!!

5. I never know what to say when someone is upset or has just received some bad news. I try to say comforting words but they never come out!!!! Once a friend told me her dog died and I sick is that...I am hoping it was just nervous laughter and I am not a deeply horrid person!!!

6. I am mega shy and not very confident of myself. Not really weird but something I hate about myself!

Right, now I just need to find 6 people who have not been tagged already...proving quite hard!!!