Sunday, 2 September 2007

I'm back...and I have been tagged!!!

Wow, I can't believe it has been nearly a month since I posted on here!!!! The time has flown by...soon it will be Christmas, yippee!!!!

Well, what has been happening in the last month...well, I started a new job, exhibited at 'Arts in the Garden' at Ham House (bank holiday Sunday and Monday), made some new pieces (will post pics later) and have a new nephew, Oscar who is just too cute for words!!!!

I have also been tagged by Caroline - Crafted Gems and Butterfly Beadwear. I have to think of six weird things about me and then tag another 6 people!!!

Ok, here we go:-

1. I love running silk through my fingers. It all stemmed from have a blanket with silk edging when I was a baby and would scream whenever it was taken away from me!!! This progressed through the years and I have been through several silk robes....I love the belt the best!!! The last one was thrown out only last year by my hubby cos I kept complaining of pains in my thumbs from doing it!! I miss it dearly, esp when drinking a cup of tea and can't walk through M&S without having a feel of the silk robes...yes, I know I am pretty sad!!!!!

2. Probably quite a common thing but I am so scared of dying!! The thought of it makes me cry and feel really low!! I think it is even worse that I have never had someone close to me die *am touching wood as I type*!!!

3. I have this weird thing about making sure I have closed the windows, turned off the iron and shut the front door when I go out!!!! I don't think it is OCD but it really gets to me. At night, if my hubby says he has closed all the windows, I still have to go around and check them!!!

4. I absolutely hate clutter and mess with a passion however I am very lazy when it comes to cleaning and putting things away!!!!

5. I never know what to say when someone is upset or has just received some bad news. I try to say comforting words but they never come out!!!! Once a friend told me her dog died and I sick is that...I am hoping it was just nervous laughter and I am not a deeply horrid person!!!

6. I am mega shy and not very confident of myself. Not really weird but something I hate about myself!

Right, now I just need to find 6 people who have not been tagged already...proving quite hard!!!


Crafted Gems said...

oh fab facts!!! I never know what to say to people when they've had bad news either

Gemheaven said...

Hurrah your back lol - missed your posts!!

Great facts :)

ButterflyBeadwear said...

Thanks for sharing. I've laughed at people's sad things before-but not meaning too-I guess this i how some people react.