Sunday, 21 October 2007

It's a miracle...2 posts in one weekend!!!!!

Ok, so I managed to retake some of the photos...I am still not happy with them but I can't take up anymore time trying!!!

Went for a coffee with a very good friend of mine this afternoon. We went to Wimbledon Village where all of the beautiful people live!!!!! It is too chic for words!! The shops are amazing from big names like Cath Kidston, Joseph, LK Bennett etc to small independent boutiques and they all have 2 things in common...1, they only sell mega expensive stuff and 2, the stuff they sell is Divine with a capital D!!!

Anyway, back to the jewellery...the first two pieces are made from Amazonite and Bali silver. I LOVE these pieces and might just keep them for myself!!! I think I might have found me a new favourite gemstone!!!!

This necklace (and the earrings below) is made with a gorgeous lampwork bead by Becky of Chameleon Designs.

Back in June, I had a 1:1 chain maille lesson with Jean Power and since then, I have not really done much in the way of chain maille so today I flicked back through the lesson and started with one of my favourite weaves...Shaggy Loop. The reason I love it so much is it is quite easy to do and it is so tactile...I love running my fingers down the loops!!

Have I bored you enough yet!!!!!!!!!

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