Monday, 31 December 2007

Goodbye 2007...Hello 2008!!

Goddess In Green
Rock Crystal & Green Aventurine

The Odd Couple
Lampwork by Laura Sparling & Sterling Silver

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and is getting ready for the merriments this evening!! Tonight I have my parents, sister and niece coming over for nibbles and games. We do it all again tomorrow when my husbands family come over! We have bought enough food to feed the whole street but it is better to over do than have people wanting more but there is nothing left!!!
Strawberry Smoothie
Lampwork by Caroline Hannon & Sterling Silver

In between shopping, cleaning and cooking today, I managed to make a necklace (Goddess In Green) and some earrings (not pictured). The necklace is a bit different for me as it is not a uniformed pattern and I always struggle with this!

Calla Lily
Lampwork by Beck Fairclough & Sterling Silver

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!!


Crafted Gems said...

oh wow, i love what you've done with my beads, those earrings are fantastic

Laura said...

Happy New Year, Kelly!

Gorgeous jewellery. Love the way you've used my beads. :o)

Laura x

Kebo Jewellery said...

Thanks Caroline & Laura however I feel a bit of a fraud as both your beads need very little done to them as they are so gorgeous already!!

ButterflyBeadwear said...

happy New year Kelly
Your jewellery is looking fab, lets hope 2008 brings along alot more eye candy!