Saturday, 26 January 2008

Lovely day for a bike ride!!!

What a nice day it was today! I decided to get on my bike (which is very unusual for me!!) and cycled in to town. Thing was, I forgot that I had my bike and bought quite a lot of stuff that was heavy!! Luckily (or not for my purse!!!) there is a great bike shop in my town and so I bought and had fitted a basket! When I rang my hubby and told him he nearly wet himself with laughter and called me a granny!!! It is not a wicker basket but a rather stylish black wire affair (it should be made of gold for what it cost!!!!). I have never had a basket on any bike I have owned and it is really weird riding with it cos it makes the bike REALLY heavy and I was wobbling all over the place!!!! I think now I have got the basket, I will get out on my bike more! Lets see how long that idea lasts for!!!!

Mojo is still sunning it somewhere but I did manage to make a new bracelet. It is amazonite, rock crystal and sterling silver. It is actually a bracelet that I took apart and made in to something different. The original design had Blue Chalcedony in it however it went discoloured and a yellowish colour which looked awful :o(

I did a children's jewellery making party last Sunday and some of the children thought it would be helpful to put all the beads together (bless!!) so I have approx 50,000 small beads to sort through before the next party in less than 4 weeks time...ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend :o)


Gemheaven said...

OH Kelly have you sorted those beads yet??? LOvely bracelet hun

Thanks for your lovely comments too

Moriba said...

You write very well.

Kebo Jewellery said...

Thank you, that is very nice of you to say so!!