Saturday, 10 May 2008

Here comes the sun!!!

Beach Ball Earrings
Sterling Silver and hollow glass
Wow, what a lovely week we have had, summer is certainly on it's way!!! I haven't worn a jacket all week.

Orange Crush
Sterling Silver & Hand Blown Furnace Glass

Haven't been up to too much this week. I went to the gym last night...pause for a round of applause!!... and it was soooo hot. Got my car back this morning from getting the body work fixed just as I was starting to like the courtesy car!!!!

Rock Candy Earrings
Sterling Silver & Hand Blown Furnace Glass

I have an embarrassing story to tell...the day we booked our holiday, my phone rang at 6 p.m. with an unknown number. My hubby normally rings me at this time and if he is ringing from his office phone, it comes up unknown. As we had just booked to go to Jamaica, I answered the phone, 'yeah man' said in a very bad Jamaican accent...imagine my embarrassment when I realised that it was not my husband but a recruitment agency!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't apologise enough but luckily she saw the funny side of it and said I had made her day!!!
Prefect Earrings
Sterling Silver & Hand Blown Furnace Glass
I have been making some pieces which suit the current weather. The earrings have been made using bright pieces of glass ready for the summer!!!

Peony Necklace
Lampwork by Angie Finn, Ruby Fuschite, Sterling Silver & Swarovski


Beverley Abbott said...

How funny is that!!! I just laughed y head off at the jamaican accent thing - LOL!!!
Love the earrings too
love bev x

Nia said...

You are definitely in a summer mood Kelly! Gorgeous colours! Good job the person on the phone had a sense of humour, thanks for sharing it though!

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