Saturday, 3 May 2008

Own up, who stole April?!?!?!

Space Cowboy Bracelet
Lampwork by UK artist Caroline Hannon
team with sterling & fine silver

Blimey, I have just realised that I haven't posted since early March, where has the time gone?
Well, what have I been up to? Hmmm, since my last post, I have had a birthday, played in the snow, played in the sun (hasn't the weather been freaky these last few months?!?), booked a holiday (we fly to Jamaica next month for 2 lovely long weeks...yippee!!!), lost a stone (in weight, not a gemstone!!!) and had a prang in my car (well, someone hit me and drove off...thanks whoever you are!!!!!).

Gaia (Earth in Greek) Bracelet
Lampwork by UK Artist Sue Mose teamed with fine silver

I have also commissioned someone to design me a lovely new website so watch this space!!! The lovely lady doing it for me has just started a new web design business with the most fabulous name which makes me break in to a smile every time I say it but I won't give it away in case it is a secret!!!

I have hardly made any jewellery since my last post. The first bracelet is made with lampwork beads by Caroline Hannon. I love this bracelet and wanted to keep it for myself however when I first made it, the design was slightly different and it was too big so I had to change the design and now it is just a tad too small for my wrist!!!!!

Gaia (Earth in Greek) Earring
Lampwork by UK Artist Sue Mose teamed with fine silver

I normally try and remove the shadows in my pictures but I thought I would see how they look by leaving them in, what do you think?

Oh, just remembered something else that happened in April, my sister ran her first London Marathon in 4.42 hrs which is fantastic especially considering she had a bad injury which took her out of training for over a month before the big day!!! It was also her 40th birthday (although she doesn't look or act it) on the same day and I want to publicly say a big WELL DONE, I am so proud of you!!!


Crafted Gems said...

well done to your sister

and stunning jewellery as usual, i love what you've done with my beads

Nia said...

Love the bracelets and earrings Kelly! And the pics are very effective with the shadows kept in. It's good to experiment like this, I need to do more of it!
Bet you're proud of your sister, it's a great achievement.

Alison said...

Great to see you back blogging, Kelly.

Beautiful bracelets and I too like the pics with the shadows.

Well done to your sister too, great achievement, no wonder you're so proud. I'm going to struggle to do the Race for Life!!!

Kebo Jewellery said...

Thanks everyone and thanks for the kind words re my sister doing the marathon.

Alison, good luck with the race for life, it is for a great cause.


Laura said...

Love those Beach Ball earrings.

Your story about the phonecall made me giggle! ;o)