Sunday, 18 May 2008

Where's the sun gone?

'Retro Restyle'
Lampwork glass, Bali silver, Sterling silver
and Karen Hill Tribe Silver
Hmmm, we were having such beautiful weather and now it has gone, we are back to grey skies here in not so sunny Surrey!!!

What have I been up to this week? Well, I was at a hen weekend on Friday and Saturday in Oxford and I had a fab time with a really great group of girls. Friday night I had way too much Champagne and acted a little drunk (to say the least) and we had a naked butler who had a lovely behind (don't worry, his apron covered the front!!!). Saturday day, we were supposed to be punting and pedaloing to a really lovely pub. If you have never heard of punting before, it is like a long narrow rowing boat, everyone sits in the middle and one person stands on the end with a really long pole and is meant to use that to push off!! It was a nightmare and very funny to watch. Luckily I was in the pedalo and and saw the funny side of it as I watched the other two boats going the wrong way down the river and unable to control their boats. 35 minutes later we had gone no where and we decided to give up on the punting and we all had pedalos. We had 2 miles to go and one of the pedalos started leaking (the boat yard just gave them a bucket!!!!!!) and another one would not steer. Out of the 4 pedalos, only 2 made it to the pub, the other two were abandoned along the river... I really don't blame them!!! When we were mooring up at the pub, I managed to eat a fly and started choking and a man sitting outside the pub asked me if I was the entertainment...bleeding cheek!!!!
This week I restyled one of my own bracelet. The picture below is what it looked like before (it was one of my first pieces using lampwork!!) and the picture at the top of this post is what it looks like now... 100 times better I think and I love wearing it, it is now one of my fav pieces that I wear!



Anonymous said...

Wow! What a transformation!! I love the new version. :)

Gemheaven said...

OH yeah me too :)