Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Long Time, No Blog!

Candy Corn Bracelet
So named because I think the glass looks like popcorn...only candy coloured!!

Where are the days and weeks going? I can't believe that we are nearly at the end of Summer...what Summer I hear you cry?!?!?! According to the weather report, we are going to have some nice weather here in London at the weekend!!

Carnival Bracelet - SOLD
Sterling Silver, Bali Silver, Karen Hill Tribe Silver, Garnets & Artisan Glass by Heather Webb

I saw these beads of Heather's and I had to have them straight away. Aren't they amazing? The colours are stunning and Heather called them Carnival and I couldn't think of a better name so had to keep it for this bracelet...hope you don't mind Heather?

It is quite a chunky bracelet and the tiny little beads are Garnet. I was going to be brave and also put Amethyst with it (as there is a lovely purple in the lampwork) but chickened out at the last minute!!!

Jo's Earrings
Freshwater Pearls, Sterling Silver and Swarovski Crystals

What have I been up to over the last month or so. Well, I have made a couple of new pieces for the website and I also designed and created by friend Jo's Wedding jewellery and hair pins. I was really worried about doing this as a girls wedding day is so special and she wants everything to be just perfect and when you are designing from scratch, there is a chance that she will hate it all!!! Luckily, she loved it and on the day, she looked truly stunning and so very happy.

This was one of the 3 weddings I had in July and August. Unfortunately I couldn't make the 3rd one as I was poorly...nothing serious!

I am also experimenting with different backgrounds and using my photographers daylight lamps... what do you think...bit more practice needed??? I like this background as it is similar to the background on my website...although looking at it on the screen it doesn't look that similar!!!

Speaking of nearly the end of Summer, I have started booking up for Christmas events...how scary is that?!?!?!?!


Nicky said...

Fantastic pieces and photos there Kelly! I dont understand what you mean when you say you were having trouble ?

Nia said...

Love the bracelets Kelly, Heather does make beautiful beads doesn't she! Great photos too!

Ali P said...

I love your new bracelets - Heather's beads are really beautiful, and I agree with Nicky, your photos look great - much better than my efforts ;)

Kebo Jewellery said...

Thanks everyone for the kind comments. These photos are actually my best effort to date. My problem is getting the images sharp enough.


Bumpy Beads said...

Kelly I have only just seen your "Carnival" bracelet. It's gorgeous and I don't mind at all that you kept the name of the beads. YOu've made my beads look beautiful! May I be cheeky and "borrow" the pic for my blog?