Saturday, 6 September 2008

Rain Rain Go Away!!!

I seem to talk a lot about the weather in my posts...maybe because we haven't had much of a summer this year!!! Anyway, for those in the UK, you probably experienced the rain as I did today. Hubby and I were going to do something nice today but the weather was so awful that we went to the cinema and saw Get Smart instead which I thought was very funny.

Waterfall Bracelet - SOLD
Boro Lampwork, Sterling Silver & Bali Silver

One good thing that came out of today was I FINALLY got around to adding pictures to my Flickr account and I also uploaded items to Etsy and Folksy. You can find links to these sites on the right hand side of this page.

If you have never heard of Folksy, it is a much needed UK version of Etsy...if you have never heard of Etsy, shame on you, where have you been hiding?!?!? Both of these sites sell some of the most delicious handmade items you have ever seen. I have my eye on several handmade bags on Etsy that I want...I have even seen custom made shoes...don't given get me love of handbags and shoes is a bit of a sore point with my husband!! Anyway, go and have a look at these sites, you may be able to find yourself some lovely (Christmas) presents...for yourself! Sorry for mentioning the C word again but it is only a few months away...and it is my favourite time of the year...I can't wait!!!

I have also added to this blog, 2 buttons for subscribing (see right hand side). You can choose to subscribe to the posts or the be completely honest with you, the whole RSS Feed thing is a bit of a mystery to me so if you have any input, please let me know!!!!!
The bracelet in this post is one of my favourite. The picture is really awful and doesn't show it very well but I had only made it when a few days it was sold so I never got to take a proper photo.