Monday, 10 November 2008

Rainy days and Mondays!!!

Negril Necklace
Lampwork by Sam Halliwell, Fresh Water Pearls and Sterling Silver

I feel like I am always taking about the weather, more to the point, I am always moaning about the weather...I think I need to change my blog from talking about jewellery to the weather report!!! Actually, I love wet and windy...just so long as I am wrapped up warm in doors with a good book or a chick flick!!! The days that I don't like wet and windy are days like Saturday just gone when I met a lovely friend for lunch and a natter and then did some Christmas shopping in Kingston-Upon-Thames. By the time I got from the car park to the Slug and Lettuce, I was drenched!! Most people would probably go home after that but not me, as most of my weekends in the run up to Christmas are going to be taken up with fairs, I have to get all my shopping done now. So imagine it, me trying to keep my bag on my shoulder, the umbrella above my head and carrying loads of bags...which were very heavy and awkwardly shaped!! The worst part was having 2 bags made of paper and we all know that paper + rain = you have got to be joking if you think they are going to survive...which of course they didn't LOL!!!! I think the icing on the cake was my umbrella refusing to fold down whilst I was in the shops...much to the delight of everyone I hit with it hee hee hee!!!!

Negril Bracelet
Lampwork by Sam Halliwell, Karen Hill Tribe Silver and Sterling Silver

The weekend before (which was also wet and windy LOL) I met Becky Fairclough of Chameleon Designs for a spot of bead shopping at The Big Bead Show, Sandown Park. A great day was had and I bought some lovely beads and other goodies!! It was a great day, I met Julie from Lush Lampwork, had quick chat with Jean Power of Bead Mag (among many other things) and said hi to a couple of other people.

Negril Earrings
Lampwork by Sam Halliwell and Sterling Silver

Back to the jewellery...Here are 3 pieces that I made with some beads I got from the fair. I love these as they remind me of the sand and sea from the 7 mile beach in Negril where I was lucky enough to holiday this year. The earrings are made on longer earring wires.