Sunday, 8 February 2009

I am such a Twit!!!!!

Stepping Stones Bracelet
Silver Leaf Jasper, Sterling Silver & Karen Hill Tribe Silver

A few weeks ago I signed up to Twitter however I didn't have a clue how it worked and it was very difficult to read so I gave up before I even started!! After listening to the radio (Chris Moyles on Radio 1...yes, I know, he is a bit like Marmite, love him or hate him but I love him, his show has me laughing all the way to work!!) where they were going on about Twitter, I thought I would give it another try. That was Friday evening and by the time I went to bed on Friday night, I was addicted!!! Yet more of my life going to waste on the internet!!!!!!!!! My name on Twitter is KEBOjewellery.

Bubble Earrings
Freshwater Pearls and Sterling Silver

We still have snow on the ground here in Surrey/London but it is slowly melting away. Unfortunately I never got to make the snowman I wanted to make :o(

I haven't been up to much in the last week, mainly working at my full time job where I am a HR Business Partner for a global FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) company. I have had plenty of opportunity this weekend to make some lovelies however my mojo seems to have taken a very long holiday. I realised that I have not made anything new since December!!! I have lots of ideas in my scrap book but not the energy or the inclination to actually go and do it! I have cut down on my magazine spend but thought I would go and purchase a copy of Bead mag in the hope that it would spur me on, but no!! It was a good read though as there are many people in there I 'virtually' know!! There is a 3 page article on my good friend Becky Fairclough which is a great read!
Kaleidoscope Necklace
Lampwork Bead By UK Artist Becky Fairclough, Sterling Silver & Karen Hill Tribe Silver

Speaking of Marmite (I was, promise, look a few paragraphs up!!!) I have discovered that Marmite means pot in French...God, I am full of useless informaton (if you ever want to know what the PG in PG Tips stands for, let me know!!!)!!! I would not say I am in love with Marmite but I really like the taste, the brand, the marketing etc (and not just because I work for the Company that makes it) and I have found a fab Marmite canvas that I am thinking if getting for my kitchen, what do you think?
In this post are some items I made in the last quarter of 2008, I hope you like them. I am going to make a real effort this week to do 2 things...make at least one piece of jewellery and do exercise at least once a day (I have 2 classes on Wednesday)!!


Jelveh Designs said...

I know what you mean about your time on line, I feel the same way, love twitter, it is fun...your work is amazing...

Nicola said...

Love the pebble bracelet, those silver leaf shapes set the natural stones off so perfectly!
Nic xx

KARA said...

Kelly you make the most amazing jewellery ever, I miss making jewellery but when I see yours I remember mine was never this good.
I hope you don't mind but i have tagged you, will keep you blogging xxxx

Kebo Jewellery said...

OMG Kara, you have made me blush!! That is so lovely of you to say so.

It must be hard to get time to make jewellery when you have a gorgeous little boy to cuddle all day! You stuff is gorgeous, don't you dare think other wise!!