Saturday, 24 October 2009

Charity Auction is go!!

Sorbet Necklace (Auction Lot 7)
Sterling Silver and Lampwork Glass from a UK Artisan

Happy weekend everyone!

I am part of The Collective, a group of jewellery designers and lampwork designers who want to do a little bit for charity. Our first ever charity auction starts today and runs for 10 days.

Every penny bid will go directly to the 2 chosen charities Headway and Royal Free Hospital Kidney Patients Association. Great charities I am sure you will agree!

Sorbet Earrings (Auction Lot 7)
Sterling Silver and Lampwork Glass from a UK Artisan
There are some amazing auction lots available with jewellery from
Veryan of Beady Pool,
and me, Kelly of Kebo Jewellery (see auction lot number 7). It is an absolute honor for my pieces to be teamed up with the very talented Ray Skene.

Sorbet Earrings (Auction Lot 7)
Sterling Silver and Lampwork Glass from a UK Artisan

Lampwork fans need not be disappointed, there are some gorgeous beads for you too from
Mindy of Moogin,
and finally Pixie Willow Designs.

We also have 2, yes 2 sets of Mini Moo business card that the lovely Moo people have donated.

Plus there is an auction lot that is collaboration between Mel from Kookie Designs and Clare Scott, Clare kindly donated a fabulous set of beads that then Mel made into a bracelet with matching earrings.

Please do take a look at The Charity Auction page and bid, bid, bid. The auction will open on Saturday October 24th at 10:00am GMT and closes on Monday November 2nd at 8:30pm GMT. If you have a moment please do pass this on to anyone who may be looking to buy some amazing bespoke jewellery or beads, or anyone looking to buy you a present!!

Please also feel free to blog about the charity auction, all support is gratefully received.

Thanks for reading this and have a lovely week!


Saturday, 10 October 2009

Feeling sorry for myself this week!!

Well, this week hasn't been the greatest. On Monday night, I went to a supermarket and the car park floor was made of rubber and wet from the rain and I half skidded/half did the splits for a metre and a half and pulled all the tendons in my groin, both hamstrings and twisted both of my knees!!! I was in agony but I am on the mend now and am able to walk about more! Luckily I have a job (my full time job in HR, not my creative job, Jewellery!!) that I can work from home so was able to still work! Most annoyingly, I was due to fly to Dublin on Tuesday afternoon for work but had to cancel! I am going to 'The Ball' of the hospitality calender next Wednesday and I am determined to be better so I can have a boogie!!

A couple of weeks ago, I bought myself The Hummingbird Bakery cookbook and decided to do some baking...I am not a natural born cook or baker!! I made the banana and chocolate cupcakes and some Rocky Roads! The Rocky Roads recipe called for 1.4 kg of chocolate, 8 Mars Bars and almost 2 big bags of Malteasers!!!!! That is a lot of chocolate!! I reduced the amount of chocoloate down just a little bit and when they were ready to be cut, I cut them in to bite sized portions rather than bars!! They were delicious, really scrummy but packed with calories!! By cutting them in to bite sized portions, I was able to give some to my sister C, some to my hubby's work, some to my work, some for us and some for a friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They went down a storm. I am not sure I would make them again due to the calorific contents but who knows ;o)

I forgot to take a picture of the cupcakes but here are a few bits of the Rocky Roads:

Can you see the pieces of Mars Bars, Malteasters and the marshmallows...yummy!!

Sorry no jewellery to show you, maybe next week!

Have a lovely weekend and week everyone!!