Saturday, 23 October 2010

It's been a while!

Hello Blog Fans, sorry it has been so long!! I get so absorbed reading everyone else's blog that I run out of time to write my own!

I have not been up to much since I last blogged, well, nothing that would be of any interest to anyone else! I have exhibited at 2 wedding fairs and met lots of lovely people and made lots of new bridal jewellery but that is about the long and the short of it...see, not very exciting at all!

Speaking of new bridal designs, below are a couple of examples of my new bridal necklaces, the rest can be found on my website.

To Have & To Hold Necklace
Swarovski Crystals, Fresh Water Pearls & Sterling Silver

De-vine Necklace
Fresh Water Pearls & Sterling Silver

Icicle Necklace
Swarovski Crystals & Sterling Silver


Thursday, 1 July 2010

Pinch punch, first day of the month....and an offer on Facebook!

Hello everyone, welcome to July!!

I have reached over 300 fans on my KEBO Jewellery Facebook page this week so I am doing a special offer for all fans...and the special offer is....10% off of all items on For more information on however to take advantage of this offer, head on over to Facebook, become a fan and find details of the offer on my wall! Simples!
I have also included pictures of some pictures of new bridal designs...more sparkle!! These are all available on the website.

Friday, 25 June 2010

The wedding season is upon us!

Destiny Earrings
Swarovski Crystals & Sterling Silver

Hello everyone

I have been busy this month creating new bridal pieces. Below are a few pieces most of which are on the website right now or will be on over the weekend.
True Earrings
Swarovski Crystals, Fresh Water Pearls & Sterling Silver

True Necklace
Swarovski Crystals, Fresh Water Pearls & Sterling Silver

I have not just been creating this month, I have also been relaxing and enjoying myself on holiday! My hubby and I plus 2 great friends and their gorgeous 18 month old all jetted off to very sunny Fuerteventura for a week of sun, sand, Sangria and lots of sunbathing! If anyone wants recommendations for a fab 2 bed apartment at a great price, just let me know!

Fuerteventura - June 2010


Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Give away on Facebook

Hello Blog Fans!!!

I thought I would pop in to let you know that I am doing my first ever give away on my KEBO Jewellery Facebook site.

For your chance to win, all you need to do is click on the link above and click 'Like' on the left handside. Anyone who 'likes' my Facebook page as at midnight on Friday 4th June 2010 will be entered in to the prize draw. I will then draw a name and the lucky winner will be contacted on Saturday and given a £20 gift voucher to spend on the KEBO Jewellery website.

Monday, 5 April 2010

Hello Mum!!!!

What's this, 2 posts in one day, I must be coming down with something ;o)

My mum has just bought her first laptop and is discovering the world wide web for the first time in her 60+ years on this earth (don't worry mum, I will not announce to the whole world (well, those who read my blog) your actual age!!!) You may be thinking, what is so good about that...well let me tell you, this is the woman who picked up her first (PC) mouse a couple of years back and was waving it about in the air trying to get it to work...she even tried placing it on the screen but she will deny that if asked!!!

In the 2 weeks that she has been 'live' on the Internet, she has achieved amazing things like writing e-mails (even if it does take her 30 mins to write a 50 word e-mail to my Uncle in Aus!!!), stalking our relatives using Google Maps / Google Earth and now, finding my blog all on her own. What this does mean is that I will have to keep all blogs clean and innocent from now on ;o)

So, this post is dedicated to an amazing woman who has been there for me every day of my 33 years, a women who I am very quickly turning in to if you ask my husband!!! If I could stand upon the highest roof top in all the world, I would proudly shout how much I love my parents, they mean the world to me as I know I do to them.

And I know my mum is absolutely going to kill me but here is a picture of my gorgeous and amazing parents taken last September (Mum, you are on the telly...well, on the internet which is just as good!!!). My mum is sporting some KEBO Jewellery and let me tell you, she is one picky customer!!!!!!!!!!!

I love you mum.

Right, normal service to resume shortly!!!!

Happy Easter

HAPPY EASTER everyone, sorry it is late!!

Natural Beauty Necklace
Karen Hill Tribe Silver, Sterling Silver, Rock Quartz & Botswana Agate
Hope you have all enjoyed the lovely long weekend, I also took Thursday off for my birthday so I have had an extra long one and it has been lovely. I have had a very relaxing one but managed to photo some new pieces and do a little bit of housework on the website.

Raspberry Ripple Earrings
David Christensen hand blown furnace glass from USA and Sterling Silver
What I really wanted to do was some baking but unfortunately I am on a very strict diet (have lost nearly a stone and a half) and it would be like torture!! Every time I turn on the TV, I am faced with adverts from M&S with their yummy hot crossed buns...their advertising agency bods are geniuses as it makes me want to rush out and buy a pack!!

Velvet Drop Earrings
David Christensen hand blown furnace glass from the USA and Sterling Silver
Other than a few new pieces to show, there is nothing new on the jewellery front. I have made a few very bright earrings ready for the summer season!! I am also trying to build up simple yet elegant wedding jewellery designs that don't cost the earth, so watch this space.
Why not also keep up to date with KEBO Jewellery on Facebook. You can either use the tool to the right or click on this link.
Until next time...

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Today is for lovers!


My husband is not a fan of Valentine's day, he says he doesn't need a special day one day a year to show me how much he loves me, he does this everyday throughout the year. As much as I like to believe that, half of me thinks he is just bah humbug and a bit unromantic!!!!! I love everything about Valentine's day; hearts, roses, pinks and reds everywhere, good food, yummy chocolate and wine (not a fan of champers!) and people generally being nicer to each other!

So, if you are part of a couple, put aside any normal arguments and differences you may have and enjoy a lovely romantic day today.

If you are a happy singleton, go and treat yourself to a feel good movie, have a lovely box of luxurious chocs and crack open a nice bottle of bubbly or some yummy wine and celebrate not having to share them with anyone!!!

Don't forget, the Haiti auction ends tomorrow (Monday 15th Feb) at 8 p.m. GMT. If you haven't already, check it out here...there are still bargains to be had!


Sunday, 7 February 2010

New charity auction - Haiti

Calla Lily Necklace is up for auction

as part of The Collective

As mentioned in a previous post, I am a member of 'The Collective', a group of designers who get together a couple of times a year to raise money for charity. Due to the crisis in Haiti, we are pulling forward the first auction of 2010 and I have donated a necklace made with my favourite beads by Becky Fairclough.

This auction has some beautiful and unique bespoke auction lots available for you to bid on, with gorgeous and generous donations from:

Laura Sparling
Crystal-Garden Lampwork Beads
AMI Designs
Monkey Gang
Clare Scott

Sublime Beads

Kookie Designs
Beady Pool


Heartfelt Handmade

Joy Funnell

Clair Wolfe Designs
Jemima Lumley

Lush Lampwork

Keiara Wells

Cheeky Cherub Designs

Ray Skene
Beverley Hicklin
Flame and Glass
Crafted Gems
Chameleon Designs
Lazy Daisy Glass
Pixie Willow Designs
Kristin Smith
and me, KEBO Jewellery,

Every penny raised by the charity will go to Haiti via Oxfam. As we have all seen the Crisis in Haiti is catastrophic and every penny that we raise here will make a huge difference to the lived of the Haitian people.

The auction lots have been divided in to jewellery, beads or cuddlies. The Auction starts
at 10:00 a.m. GMT on Monday 8th February and finished on Monday 15th February 8 p.m. GMT. Please do pop over to The Auction page and bid, this is a fabulous cause and the items are truly unique and really beautiful. If you have a moment please do pass this e-mail on to anyone who may be looking to buy some amazing bespoke jewellery, beads, unique cuddlies or anyone looking to buy you a present!! As The Collective is still very new, we are still building up an audience so you may grab yourself a bargain whilst helping a good cause at the same time.

If you have your own blog, please feel free to write about the auction, all publicity is appreicated for this good cause.

Have a lovely week.