Sunday, 14 February 2010

Today is for lovers!


My husband is not a fan of Valentine's day, he says he doesn't need a special day one day a year to show me how much he loves me, he does this everyday throughout the year. As much as I like to believe that, half of me thinks he is just bah humbug and a bit unromantic!!!!! I love everything about Valentine's day; hearts, roses, pinks and reds everywhere, good food, yummy chocolate and wine (not a fan of champers!) and people generally being nicer to each other!

So, if you are part of a couple, put aside any normal arguments and differences you may have and enjoy a lovely romantic day today.

If you are a happy singleton, go and treat yourself to a feel good movie, have a lovely box of luxurious chocs and crack open a nice bottle of bubbly or some yummy wine and celebrate not having to share them with anyone!!!

Don't forget, the Haiti auction ends tomorrow (Monday 15th Feb) at 8 p.m. GMT. If you haven't already, check it out here...there are still bargains to be had!


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